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CTCA Western Regional Medical Center

CTCA Western Regional Medical Center

14200 W. Fillmore Street
Goodyear, AZ 85338

(623) 207-3000

The CTCA Western Regional Medical Center is one of four hospitals that constitute the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, a private cancer treatment network that prides itself on providing “integrative and compassionate cancer care.” Located in Goodyear, Arizona, less than 20 miles from downtown Phoenix, the Western Regional Medical Center offers state-of-the-art facilities to care for the patient’s mind and body.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in memory of Mary Brown Stephenson, who lost her battle with cancer in 1982. Stephenson’s son, a merchant banker named Richard J. Stephenson, had been disappointed by the treatment options presented to his mother. He felt that cancer hospitals – even those regarded as the best in the world – were focused too heavily on the clinical and technical aspects of the disease, often overlooking the individual needs of the patient.

In response, Richard J. Stephenson brought together a group of cancer doctors and founded a hospital with a different mission: to deliver “whole-person cancer treatment” in a nurturing environment. The result was Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The first center, located in Zion, Illinois, opened its doors in 1988. Since then, additional locations have opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Goodyear, Arizona. The Western Regional Medical Center is the newest CTCA facility, and has been treating patients since December 29, 2008.

Mesothelioma Treatment at the CTCA Western Regional Medical Center

The CTCA Western Regional Medical Center boasts a 213,000-square-foot facility located on 25 acres of land, and is home to some of the most advanced cancer-fighting resources available. The hospital has 24 private rooms for inpatient stays, state-of-the-art radiation and surgery suites, an outpatient clinic and a rehabilitation therapy center. The site also offers a “Mini Mall” with a beauty salon and dozens of outpatient guest suites.

Technologies available at the Western Regional Medical Center include Varian Trilogy® with stereotactic radiosurgery, RapidArc™ and respiratory gating, a radiation therapy that delivers doses 60 percent faster than traditional methods. Patients may interact with doctors and hospital staff through Skylight's ACCESS™ Interactive Patient System, an automated system in which patients can schedule appointments, surf the internet, order meals and access treatment and educational information, all through a flat-screen TV in their room.

The goal is to empower patients to take an active role in their treatment and to offer “integrative care” for the whole patient. CTCA utilizes traditional cancer-fighting tools – for mesothelioma, that generally consists of a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – and also offers a number of complementary therapies to keep the patient’s mind and body as strong and healthy as possible. Patients see nutritionists to ensure that they remain nutritionally fortified throughout their treatment; they may visit a naturopathic clinician to help decrease side effects and boost the body’s immune system; and they may seek emotional guidance and support from CTCA’s spiritual counselors. CTCA seeks to treat “all of you – not just your disease.”


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