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Massey Cancer Center

Massey Cancer Center

401 College Street
Richmond, VA 23298

(804) 828-0450

A National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Massey Cancer Center at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond is one of the East Coast's premier cancer treatment facilities.

Massey employs top-notch cancer clinicians who are well known in their individual fields. In addition, there are approximately 500 researchers on staff at Massey including about 175 VCU faculty members, striving to bring their discoveries from the laboratory to Massey patients in a timely manner, offering yet more opportunity for a positive prognosis, even for those with the most serious forms of cancer, like mesothelioma.

Like most comprehensive treatment, Massey offers cancer centers by a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and support personnel. Each new case is assigned to a team that includes experts in cancer and in the patient's type of the disease in particular. These teams include surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, therapists, nurse practitioners, and others pertinent to designing the best treatment program for each patient. Rapid diagnosis and evaluation is the goal of each team, so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Patients at Massey Comprehensive Cancer Center have access to the latest chemotherapy drugs like Carboplatin, Gemcitabine, and Alimta®, state-of-the-art radiation services, surgery including minimally-invasive techniques for quicker recovery and less pain, and other less-traditional therapies including hormone- and immuno-therapy. In addition, patients can participate in clinical trials that offer the opportunity to test new and novel therapies and drugs for various types of cancer like mesothelioma cancer.

Patients at Massey Cancer Center also have access to physical rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, support groups, and counseling for themselves and for their family members and caregivers. A palliative care department provides inpatient accommodations for those who are in the end stages of cancer and have been given less than six months to live. Massey is also one of six Palliative Care Leadership Centers located nationwide, training individuals to develop and manage palliative care services at other facilities throughout the country.


Massey Cancer Center at Virginia Commonwealth University

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