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Scott & White Healthcare

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Scott & White Healthcare is a nonprofit hospital system with 12 hospitals and more than 65 clinics located throughout central Texas. Its main location, Scott & White Memorial Hospital, is located in the city of Temple and is the primary teaching hospital of the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. Thomson Reuters has ranked Scott & White as one of the top 100 hospitals and one of the top 15 teaching hospitals in the country.


Scott & White Healthcare bears the names of two doctors born in the mid-1800s. Arthur C. Scott Sr. and Raleigh R. White Jr. In 1892, 27-year-old Arthur Scott, a Texas native, accepted a position as chief surgeon of the Santa Fe Hospital in Temple. Three years later, another vacancy arose for a surgeon at the hospital. Scott held a competitive exam for the applicants, and the winner was none other than Raleigh White.

The two doctors became colleagues and friends, and they entered into a partnership in 1897. The pair took jobs at the new King’s Daughters Hospital for several years before opening their own hospital, the Temple Sanitarium, in 1904, the start of a facility that would grow to 31 buildings over five city blocks. In 1922, five years after Dr. White’s death, the Temple Sanitarium became known as Scott & White Memorial Hospital.

Several “firsts” are credited to Scott & White’s early years. In 1906, the hospital hired Dr. Claudia Potter, the first female anesthesiologist in the United States. And in 1933, the American College of Surgeons approved Scott & White as the first cancer diagnostic and treatment center in Texas.

Today Scott & White consists of 12 hospitals, including the 636-bed Scott & White Memorial Hospital, and more than 65 clinics. More than 900 physicians and scientists call Scott & White home, and more than 13,000 people are employed by the healthcare system. In 2011, the hospital system accommodated 2.2 million patient visits.

Mesothelioma Treatment at Scott & White Healthcare

The Scott & White Cancer Institute is one of the hospital’s Centers for Excellence, and consists of the Cancer Treatment Center, Cancer Research Institute and the Drug Delivery Institute. The institute has been granted Approval with Commendation as a Teaching Hospital Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and is one of just 21 academic health centers in the United States to be designated as a Siemens One Center.

Patients at the Scott & White Cancer Institute are placed in the care of a multidisciplinary Integrated Care Team, which may include specialists from medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, social work, genetics and other areas. In the Lung Cancer Care program, administered at the Vasicek Cancer Treatment Center at the Temple hospital, mesothelioma patients benefit from teams of award-winning physicians from diagnosis through treatment. Scott & White’s diagnostic radiologists are nationally recognized in identifying tumors, while board-certified pathologists expertly classify and stage cancer to determine the best course of treatment. An internationally recognized thoracic surgery team ­— including Dr. W. Roy Smythe, an award-winning mesothelioma specialist and chair of the surgery department — draws from their extensive experience when treating every patient.

Physicians at Scott & White place patient- and family-centered care first, ensuring that patients are active participants in their treatment and taking care of the emotional needs of the whole family through support groups and other resources.


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