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Wistar Institute Cancer Center

Wistar Institute Cancer Center

3601 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

(215) 898-3700

Located in Philadelphia, the Wistar Institute Cancer Center was founded in 1892 and was the first research facility in the nation solely dedicated to medical research and training. It is now considered a world leader in basic biomedical research, having evolved from a simple anatomical teaching museum to an internationally acclaimed institution. It is also a National Cancer Institute-designated "basic" research center, which means that those who work here excel in the study of cancer at the molecular level.

The scientists at Wistar have been responsible for discoveries that have greatly impacted the world of medicine, including those that led to vaccines for rubella and rabies and the discovery of genes associated with various kinds of cancer like mesothelioma (a type of asbestos cancer). Today, the 30 laboratories at Wistar Institute Cancer Center are divided into three research programs: Immunology, which addresses basic questions to better understand immune-system responses to cancer; Gene Expression and Regulation, where scientists work to identify genes and genetic mechanisms involved in cancer and other diseases; and Molecular and Cellular Oncogenesis, which involves the study of how particular molecular events impact the formation of cancerous tumors. The institute employs a staff of more than 400, including about 60 post-doctoral fellows and a number of pre-doctoral trainees and visiting scientists.

Though the institute does not see patients, it does enjoy a close relationship with some of the top medical schools and hospitals in the city of Philadelphia including The University of Pennsylvania and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. In addition, Wistar aids the community by providing outreach programs such as partnerships with patient advocacy groups, science mentoring programs for local high school students, and biotechnology training programs for Philadelphia area community college students.


Wistar Institute Cancer Center

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