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Treatment Side Effects

Cancer patients often claim that symptoms associated with cancer treatment can be even more difficult to bear than those caused by the cancer itself. Mesothelioma can be an extremely difficult cancer to manage and the side effects associated with treatment are often severe. In an effort to support those diagnosed with mesothelioma in this regard, we have assembled a number of resources for our visitors that describe some of the more common side effects in detail. We will let you know about side effects associated with certain treatments, as well as provide you with resources and community organizations available to assist you with the management of your symptoms relative to your treatment plan.

Pain Management & Dependency

Pain management is an important component of a mesothelioma patient care plan. Learn more about assessing, tracking, and managing pain, as well as how to notice and handle pain medication dependency.

Sleep Disorders & Sleep Apnea

Sleep "disturbance" can impede the effectiveness of mesothelioma treatment in asbestos cancer patients. Learn more about sleep disorders and other issues that cancer patients face as well as helpful resources in your area that can assist with treating them.

Patient Hair Loss Resources

Hair loss is a common side effect of chemotherapy treatment. Our hair loss resource directory provides access to companies that specialize in wigs and wig alternatives for cancer patients.

Cachexia and Anorexia

Unfortunately, different cancer treatment regimens are associated with loss of appetite and, in severe cases, malnutrition and wasting disorders. Learn to recognize the signs of these disorders and where to find help if you begin experiencing them.

Chemo Brain

Chemotherapy is associated with a number of side effects, but lesser known are the effects of chemotherapy regimens on mental capacity- specifically memory. Chemo brain is a memory and cognitive disorder experienced by many patients undergoing chemotherapy. Learn more in this section.

Influenza Risk

The immune function can be compromised in mesothelioma cancer patients. For this reason, it is important to take precautions to guard against infections from the flu and other viruses which can exacerbate cancer symptoms. One way to do this is to receive a flu vaccination each year.

Intimacy Issues

Cancer patients who maintain physical intimacy throughout the diagnosis and treatment phases of the disease can experience significant emotional and physical benefits. Learn about the challenges that cancer patients may face in the area of sexual intimacy and how they can be overcome.

Illustration of Common Side Effects of Chemotherapy

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